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What are Your Reading and Watching Preferences?

Watching Netflix on TV. Its a challenge to determine your reading and watching habits.

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Writing this blog has made me much more aware of my preferences in reading, watching TV and movies than I used to be.

While I’ve read constantly almost my entire life, I notice how my enthusiasm for reading waxes and wanes over a period of weeks. Some weeks, I’ll finish three books. Other weeks will go by and I’ll still be slogging through one, usually long book. I’m in the midst of that right now, in fact. It’s funny how some books, no matter how long they are, seem to be always enjoyable, and thus you finish them much more quickly than you do others which you enoy less.

But I’m still sticking to my historical fiction, and sometimes, straight history. One thing that has come to my attention recently are audio books. Personally, I don’t listen to them. I’ve heard snippets, of course, but it doesn’t seem like something I would enjoy. Other people enjoy them tremendously, I know. It just seems to me it would take even longer to get through a book if I were listening to it. Do you like them?

Now, what about television? Like I many, I binge watch shows I enjoy, like Babylon Berlin, which inspired me to start this blog. I love movies and TV shows set in other countries, and books as well. But when I’m not watching a show, I find it hard to find the time to watch them. I noticed one tonight, Jamestown, that I plan to watch when I get the time. I can’t help wondering what that will be like.

Finally, to films. In the short time I’ve been doing this blog, I’ve found some really interesting films to watch, like Zelary. Again, a lot of them are foreign. One way I find interesting films is to subscribe to the Netflix DVD plan. I just watch DVDs in my computer and send them back as quickly as I can. I guess it’s kind of an old-fashioned way of watching movies, but I just think the quality of films is superior to a lot of the other stuff on the netflix streaming plan. Just an opinion, but I think it’s worth the investment.

What about Amazon Prime? I subscribe to it and I enjoy it, but I’ve often found I have to pay for certain shows I want to watch. That plus the hefty subscription fee is something you have to consider. Just tonight I searched for something I thought was on Amazon Prime but wasn’t, and the only choice is to pay for the DVD, which I very rarely do. Especially if you don’t use a DVD player.

Finally, there is Hulu. I am beginning to wonder when they are going to stop promoting the fact that they offer The Handmaid’s Tale. It seems like that is the only show they offer. But seriously, I cancelled my Hulu subscription a while ago, when they got rid of the Criterion Collection, which is an excellent group of of older films.

Oh one more thing — I’ve found myself checking Fandango every week to see if there are any historical films coming out. They are few and far between.

I’m also interested in which movie services you subscribe to, and why you like one or the other. Let me know, and don’t forget to spread the love on Pinterest.

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