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I decided to write a bit of an essay, primarily to thank Sarah Johnson for allowing me to post on her blog,

As I’ve already noted, is a great resource for finding new historical fiction, and I hope to become as resourceful in the hope you’ll enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy hers.

What I’m discovering as I continue to blog is that it takes time. It takes time to read books and watch movies and TV shows. Reading, in particular, is difficult to rush. If you’re not into a book, it takes great determination to finish it, and you can’t blog about a book until you’ve finished it. Sounds elementary, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve started and failed to finish at least half a dozen books. I guess you might say it’s difficult to find quality writing.

Watching a film or a television show is a different type of commitment. If you’re watching a film, you have to go to a theater or set aside a couple of hours to watch something on screen. I subscribe to the Netflix DVD plan in order to watch quality historic films, and of course then you have to wait for the DVDs to arrive in the mail and take the time to watch them. I also subscribed to MoviePass, which might not last that long. I’ve found that few historical films are being release.

If you’re watching a TV show, most of the time you have to watch all the episodes to render a verdict. I haven’t done this in every case, but at least in one case, I was sorely disappointed with how an otherwise encouraging show turned out.

So if a few days go by without me writing a new post, please be patient. I’ll be posting as soon as I’m done with the book or movie or TV show.

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