Skin of the Wolf below par

Skin of the Wolf is a 2017 Netflix offering in Spanish which drags the viewer through the slog of a mountain man who marries two wives, and has no success with either. There’s hardly any dialogue, and hardly any story, and virtually no drama.The screenwriter and director, I suppose, were…

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Enemies A War Story by Kenneth Rosenberg is the storiy of two young German-American men who get caught up in circumstances beyond their control during WWII.
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There’s a movie in Enemies: A War Story

Enemies: A War Story, by Kenneth Rosenberg is a fascinating, fictionalized account of a little-known, somewhat shameful interlude of incidents that took place in the United States during World War II. It’s the story of two young men, Herbie Haupt and Wolfgang Wergin. Both men were born in Germany but…

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