Gong Li and Jeremy Irons in Chinese Box

Chinese Box — A Bit of a Puzzle

Chinese Box is a story of what happened when the British left Hong Kong in 1997. Technically, it’s not a historical film, since it was released that year. But it is centered around an historic event, so I decided to include it. The film is definitely dated. It’s interesting to…

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Essays, websites

More Posts Coming in Short Order

I decided to write a bit of an essay, primarily to thank Sarah Johnson for allowing me to post on her blog, Readingthepast.com. As I’ve already noted, readingthepast.com is a great resource for finding new historical fiction, and I hope to become as resourceful in the hope you’ll enjoy my…

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Zelary — A Timeless Story of World War II

Zelary isn’t really about World War II. It’s set in a tiny town in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. The movie, in Czech with subtitles, is the story of a woman in the resistance who is forced to abandon her urban home and friends and move to Zelary undercover. The woman, Eliska is…

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